Classic faxes and their types

Almost everyone has heard of the fax. But not everyone has experienced it in real life.


These devices, which look like a phone and a printer in one device, cause some confusion and questions. Indeed, in the modern world, the traditional fax has almost lost its relevance. But they still continue to use them.


Internet faxes are a more modern and convenient solution. But it is still too early to refuse classical devices.


Types of Classic Faxes


To begin with, faxes can be divided into ordinary and multifunctional. Objectively, the latter view is more convenient, versatile and practical. Therefore, in most cases, they preferred to install them in the offices of different companies and enterprises.


In the modern world of the Internet, there are much simpler options. One of the best is to use Best Free Fax From Computer, without the need to buy complex and expensive devices. 


But before there was no such alternative. Therefore, I had to choose one of the fax machines on the market.


Fax can be divided into several types according to its characteristics and principle of operation.


  • On thermal paper. The principle of operation is that the images were burned on special thermal paper, using thermal rulers in their design . The main advantage of such a fax is its low price and high reliability. But the image quality was poor. But the cost is high;

  • On thermofoil. And such a fax was the most common. These devices could receive documents and make copies on plain A4 paper. Special rolls of thermal film were used for printing . In fact, during the printing process, the roll was rewound from one reel to another;

  • Laser. This is the best option for speed and print quality. Here you can use plain paper, as for printers. Usually, the set of additional functions for laser faxes was large. The advent of the laser system effectively forced manufacturers to stop producing other types of faxes;

  • Inkjet. They are similar in function to inkjet printers. But they had their shortcomings. The main ones are the high cost of color printing and the low reliability of the devices themselves.


Which fax to choose for work depends on individual requirements and tasks. Of course, laser fax has always been considered the best option. But other types of devices also enjoyed well-deserved popularity.


In today's world, faxes are increasingly sent over the Internet. It's simple, fast, convenient and affordable.